5 Amazing Homemade Hair Dyes That Work Like Magic When You Think Of Coloring Your Hair

By | April 12, 2016

When the first strands of white and grays take over our crowns and tresses, all hell breaks loose. This is when we think of dyes and colors, and we look at the market or the parlor for an answer. However, did you know that most of the hair colors and dyes, irrespective of the claims that they are chemical free, HAVE CHEMICALS in them. This means, more than just the shine and sheen and the color hues that last for a few days, the damage is humungous in the long run. Let’s take a pledge to love our hair a little more and work with natural ingredients that nourish and protect our hair, and color them too. Here are five amazing Homemade Hair Dyes made at home; quite natural and simple to use.


There are no chemicals in them, but natural stuff that actually makes these five awesome Homemade Hair Dyes the best to make and use!

1. A very well-done and one of the most natural ways to color hair would be to use HENNA. Henna leaves for long have been used by Indian women to get a brownish, copperish and reddish hue to their hair.

For the same we would look at using a cup of henna powder, to which a tablespoon of coffee has been added. To this we would add a tablespoon of curd and an egg white, which helps with deep conditioning and volumnizing the hair.Mix them all well into a gooey paste and in an iron tumbler.
Keep the tumbler immersed into a bowl of warm water for an hour, and then go ahead and use the paste on your hair.Avoid the scalp and wear your gloves when applying the paste of henna on your hair.
Wait for half an hour to forty five minutes, after which the hair would be semi-dry.Wash off under cold water until the water runs out crystal clear.Pat dry and oil your hair, and shampoo after two days.


2. Amla in a cup and pasted, to which you shall add a few curry leaves and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Blend the ingredients into a gooey paste.The paste now will turn bluish-black, which is now ready to be used.Apply the paste onto the hair strands, avoiding the scalp.Wait for the paste to dry, which would take around forty minutes.Wash under cold water until the water runs clear and crystal like. Pat dry your hair and oil it too.Steam your hair with a hot turban the next day to lock the moisture and the color into the hair.Shampoo thereafter and pat dry.


3. If you do not want another shade, but just black for your hair, we would take the help of camphor.Take a tablespoon of camphor and hover it over a candle flame.The camphor crystals would turn into a dark amber shade, mostly black, which is safe and easy to apply over your hair strands.
Add a little oil if the camphor sticks to the metal, so that you get the paste easily removed and applied to the hair.Wait for the hair to dry out before washing it. Shampoo after forty eight hours.


4. Almond oil and coffee can help bring to your hair a sexy honey tinge.To do this you would need a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with three tablespoons of coffee powder.Make a paste of the same and apply it on your hair strands.Keep the paste on your hair for an hour, which helps nourish the hair too. Wash off your hair strands and pat dry.Oil your hair and wash off the oil with herbal shampoo forty hours after the oiling.This helps lock the moisture in and also helps keep the tint of coffee alive too.


5. Cinnamon powder (a tablespoon), half a tablespoon of curd and honey each should help cover the gray strands quick and easy.What you would need to do is to make a paste of the ingredients mentioned, and apply the same on your hair.Wait for half an hour and then wash off with cold water. Pat dry your hair and oil it too.Steam your hair with a hot turban the next day to lock the moisture and the color into the hair.Shampoo thereafter and pat dry.


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