5 Ways You Can Give An Instant Beauty Makeover For Diwali Parties

By | October 14, 2017


1. Enhance The Bust Size

You can either do that by contouring the cleavage as we have spoken about in our previous posts, or maybe you could make your body look nice and smaller by wearing an open bust body slimmer, such as a spanx which is paired with a push-up bra to go along with cute Diwali special dresses girls love to wear.

2. Clip Ins Are Saviours

If you have unwashed hair, fine hair or thin hair, and you want to look instantly like a diva so chic, it is easy. What you need to do is to create a high ponytail and then clip the hair in place with a clip in. There are also clip in extensions that you can use to create instant long hair, and they look real, style up easily too and look haute with your Diwali outfits.

3. Face Illumination Done Easy

To make your face glow, just before you apply foundation you should dab an illuminating cream on the face, and let that blend well. When the makeup is applied, the skin would start glowing from inside out.

4. For A Healthy Blush On The Cheeks

We usually leave the blush for the last moment to get a red or pink healthy glow. But did you know that you could actually make the skin glow nicer if you first apply the blush and then the foundation. Repeat the blush again at the end and set it with translucent powder; this will help enhance the cute anarkali dresses for Diwali you wear with the chicest of Diwali hairstyles.

7. For Your Nails

Before you head out to get the nail art for Diwali, save your money by pre-treating the nails at home! Dip your nails in olive oil and sugar solution for five minutes, and then scrub the same with toothpaste after a minute. The cuticles would fall off and the nails would shine, making it easy to paint your nails.



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