5 Sure Shot Ways To Treat Dry Skin

By | December 18, 2017




One of the most prevalent, common skin conditions that occur across people of all ages, is Dry skin. Dry skin could be unsightly to look at, the person having it might not feel very confident “in their own skin”, and of course, the skin being devoid of moisture for too long could lead to permanent damage as well.

Treating Dry skin is quite a challenge, not because there’s not enough information out there about how to go about doing it, but because there’s just way too much information to sift through, and a lot of it is either useless or outdated.

Now that winters are here, the driest time of the year is upon us all, and with that, the incidences of Dry skin are surely going to be on the rise. Therefore, today we’re going to discuss 5 sure shot ways to treat dry skin, with some product recommendations that will help.

1. Use A Toxin-Free Cleanser:

Cleansers and other beauty/cleaning products that come loaded with Sulphates and other chemicals can do more harm to your skin than good. It is an oft-repeated but less-taken piece of advice that a Toxin-free Natural Cleanser product should be used to avoid the occurrence of Dry Skin.

The meaning of the term “natural” itself is usually distorted when it comes to cleansing products. You need to pick a product that has a natural base.

2. Maintain Moisture Levels – Inside And Outside!

To avoid Dry skin, it’s important to make sure that neither you nor your skin is parched for moisture. What we mean by this is that you need to make sure that you drink an adequate amount of water during the day, so that your body doesn’t get dehydrated. Dehydration in the body can lead to dry skin and several other health complications, so avoid it at all costs.

Secondly, if you’re living in an area that has particularly dry air, it’s probably a good idea for you to get a humidifier . A Humidifier helps by maintaining a recommended amount of moisture in the air, which allows your skin to retain its’ own moisture without drying out.

3. Using Natural Skincare Products:

The benefits of naturally occurring substances such as coconuts, shea butter etc. on the human skin are far too many to count. Shea butter is a vitamin-C rich ingredient  having properties which are not only antioxidant but also anti-inflammatory.

Shea Butter based body lotions also work REALLY well on dry skin! It allows the skin to gain and maintain the moisture levels that it requires. . If  you’re looking to  buy a body lotion for yourself, try to get one rich in Shea Butter or moisturizing oils.

4. Avoid Warm Showers

5. Give Your Skin A 24*7 Nourishment:

As much as we like to think the winters add that pinkish glow to our skin we might be seriously mistaken!.  This is the time of the year when your skin is robbed off its moisture. This is the time when your skin needs the utmost care and nourishment. We are so layered up in clothes that it is easy to skip moisturizing and we only realize it when the skin reaches the point of itchiness.

What do you have to do then? You need a deeply nourishing solution, a heavily moisturizing butter that provides immediate respite to your dry itchy skin.  The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter with ingredients like Cocoa and Shea Butters and Oils like Coconut, Wheat Germ, Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip and added Natural Vitamin E  promises deep nourishment and moisturization for your dry skin.



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