8 Simple Ways to Deal with Excessive Sweating

By | February 27, 2016


We can all agree that excessive sweating can lead to some very embarrassing situations. But that should not be a reason for you limiting yourself, living in constant fear of raising your arms or engaging in strenuous outdoor activities. If you find yourself constantly worrying about sweating, then you should note down these simple ways to deal with excessive sweating which will help you live your life just the way you want, without having to restrict yourself in any way.

Firstly, let us acknowledge that sweating is not really a bad thing. In fact it can be a very good thing. Sweating is your body’s way of removing toxins and cooling off. But while it’s great to sweat while you’re working out, sweating when you have to give a presentation or when you’re meeting your significant others’ parents can be quite embarrassing.

So why do some people sweat too much? Well, if you sweat excessively, you could be suffering from Hyperhidrosis. It is characterized by excessive sweating of the palms and soles of the feet. It occurs when the sympathetic nervous system gets overactive and creates more sweat than required by the body.

How to Deal with Excessive Sweating?

1. The first lifestyle change that you need to make is to cut out spicy food and caffeine from your diet. Both these can stimulate your sweat glands, resulting in excessive sweating. In fact, the next time you eat something really spicy, notice if you break out in sweat. If you do, then you know that you definitely need to cut out these triggers.

2. Drink a lot of water. Water helps keep your body cool as well as helps flush out toxins, both these functions are done by sweating as well. So when you drink more water to take care of these vital functions, your body is less inclined to sweat in order to get rid of toxins and cool down your temperature.

3. Always take a cold shower. Hot shower or baths do not really help with excessive sweating. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you step out of a hot shower, your body starts perspiring and sweating? Well this could be because of an immediate change in temperature from hot to cold. So always have a refreshing cold shower.

4. Use a strong antibacterial soap. If you sweat excessively, then the stinky smell that comes is a result of bacteria that rot and fester in your underarm and other regions. Using an antibacterial soap on a regular basis, especially after your workouts, should help with this problem.

5. Keep your underarms shaved or waxed. Keeping your underarms hairless will help the sweat to evaporate much faster. Also, when there is a lot of hair, it provides the perfect atmosphere for the bacteria to thrive, resulting in a foul smell.

6. Wear cotton clothing as much as possible. Letting your skin breathe will reduce sweating to a great extent. So wear cotton clothing, especially during hot days.

7. Always keep a change of clothes handy. You know your body tends to sweat a lot, so it makes sense to have an extra set of clothes ready for some unforeseen instances. Keep it in your car or even at your desk at work. If you feel like you are having a particularly bad day, you can change into your fresh set of clothes. This will help you keep your confidence and go through your day without having to worry about sweat stains.

8. Make use of over-the-counter sweat absorbent pads. You can place them under your arms and in other such danger zones to absorb the excess sweat.


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