Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hair Growth

By | September 6, 2015



Everyone wants to have a thick attractive mane which is dandruff free and shining.  Scanty hair or falling hair is becoming one of the major problems affecting men and women. They are constantly  trying to figure out a fast and sure way  to stop this problem .Getting  the hair to grow  back  seems an arduous task and probably impossible to  achieve .People are in dire need of  proven and effective  home remedies for hair growth that can  assist in stopping or reducing  hair loss  in addition to regrowth of hair  over a period of time as fast as possible Friends and elders do offer many home remedies for fast hair growth without  any dire side effects . However many people opt to take drugs or a hormone therapies for hair growth but they are not without major side effects.

In fact Ayurvedic  science offers natural remedies for hair growth  which not only  prevents  fast hair fall but   provides them the  much needed strength and vigor  to  become thick ,grow long and of course live longer.  Since centuries, ayurvedic remedies, offer the best treatment therapies to people all over the globe .Ayurvedic therapy offers many proven   home remedies for fast hair growth. These home remedies are very popular since it involves the use of easily available natural herbs as well as natural oils. You can treat faster hair loss problem or even hair loss at home according to the ayurvedic way for example for the  hair fall issue,

  1. You can apply mustard seed oil. It not only nourishes the scalp but targets varied internal issues in the scalp as well as in your body. Mustard Seed Oil contains plenty of protein calcium, and antioxidants which are imperative to boost the hair growth. You can apply and slightly massage warm mustard oil in your scalp with your hands.
  2. Boiling mustard seed oil with henna leaves also accelerates its effect and is very effective for repairing the root of your hair.
  3. Another best home remedy for hair growth is to apply Olive Oil with little cinnamon powder in it. These natural herbs are also to known to treat baldness. Warm Mixture of Olive oil with a small teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder   when applied to the scalp invigorates hair growth.

These oils and natural herbs are easily available at all stores. Regular application and constant use is very effective in tackling varied issues relate to hair fall. These remedies for hair growth  may not  offer instant results but steady  application for longer period of time  will  definitely help to revitalize the scalp  and to cure  hair related  problems .



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