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5 Sure Shot Ways To Treat Dry Skin

    One of the most prevalent, common skin conditions that occur across people of all ages, is Dry skin. Dry skin could be unsightly to look at, the person having it might not feel very confident “in their own skin”, and of course, the skin being devoid of moisture for too long could lead… Read More »


How to lose weight quickly at Home

  Lose Weight by Changing What and How you Eat: If you starve yourself thinking that you will be able to achieve weight loss, you will only end up feeling tired and unwell. Moreover, putting your trust in crash diets for weight loss (an eating pattern that involve simply changing your diet for a few… Read More »


Easy & Fast Weight Loss Tips

  Reduce the calories you consume:One gram of fat consists of almost twice the amount of calories present in carbohydrates or proteins.  Remove the fat from your meat, chose low fat meals, have a filling but a light breakfast, reduce the salt and starch intake and cut down a major portion of the calories. Chose… Read More »


Home Remedies for Arthritis:Best Home Remedies for Arthritis

  The literal meaning of arthritis is “joint inflammation” and it can affect joints in any part of the body. When you have arthritis, damage is Caused to a lesser or greater degree to the joints and mostly occurs in the hands, arms and legs. The inflammation in one or more of the joints results… Read More »


19 Home Remedies to Reduce Acne at Home

        Acne Home Remedies: Acne is a skin disease caused by changes in the pilo-sebaceous units(the unit consists of the hair shaft, the hair follicle, the sebaceous gland which makes sebum, and the erector pili muscle which causes hair to stand up when it contracts) of a person. It usually strikes during… Read More »