Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

By | August 3, 2015

A good quality diet during pregnancy is necessary for expectant mothers who desire a healthy hassle-free pregnancy so that they can have a healthy baby. Regrettably in the current era where the food habits are dominated with large amount of fatty processed foodstuffs on our shelves in the superstores, you really have to plan a good pregnancy diet as it will not come on its own. Nevertheless, with some organization, the majority of the expectant mothers will discover very fast as to which are the most excellent foods that can be to consumed throughout pregnancy and more significantly, the foods that needs to be shunned during pregnancy.

Appropriate nutrition ascertains normal growth fetal growth and results in a healthy development of the baby. What food during pregnancy is taken plays an indispensable role for mother, as consuming the right pregnancy foods assists in maintaining accurate hormonal balances in the body of a women and can control depression, mood swings and several behavioral anxieties which are related to pregnancy. If you see the flip side, consumption of wrong foods can augment the possibilities of disabilities, birth defects, baby with low weight at birth and at times increases the probability of miscarriage.

So what to eat during pregnancy is of utmost importance? Some of the foods that should be avoided are-:

 Junk foods- A big no to the junk foods during pregnancy as they are full of fats, food additives, processed sugars, and are have extremely low nutritional value. Some of the junk foods are fried foods, fast foods, sweets, soft drinks and most importantly preserved foods in packets and boxes.



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Refined and artificial sweeteners- These are known as empty calories which affect the ability of the body to control blood sugar. This will boost your craving for sugar, so the extra you eat, the more sugar you want. Some of the most widespread synthetic sweeteners that are available in the market are saccharine and aspartame.

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Caffeine-This is one thing that should be strictly avoided or at least reduced to the minimum possible. Studies have revealed that people who take caffeine tend to have babies with low weight, premature babies and at times a miscarriage. It considerably reduces absorption of iron. Caffeine is a diuretic which indicates that it reduces fluids within the body which can cause dehydration loss of calcium for both mother and child.



Additional foods that should be avoided during pregnancy are sea foods. Shellfish like oysters, clams and mussels should not be eaten till the time they are not well cooked. There is a possibility that raw shellfish could contain several bacteria that can cause illness and even food poisoning.

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 Always remember that food during pregnancy should be healthy, that are devoid of additives and processing which are the finest for you and your baby.


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