How To Get Chubby Cheeks Naturally – Get Chubby Cheeks Easily

By | December 26, 2015



Becoming Cleopatra in beauty and looks is a tall task. No amount of running to parlours can help you achieve that look.

The first thing somebody notices in you is your eyes, lips and cheeks. Cheeks define your face like none other. They help create a youthful appearance. In fact, high cheekbones are found to be more attractive than flat ones.

Ever thought what makes a face look fuller at a younger age? It is due to the subcutaneous fat under the skin alongside the cheeks which makes the cheeks look healthy and chubby.

The sad part is that with age, the subcutaneous fat gets visibly reduced leading to sagging cheeks and older looks. This is obviously not an attractive sight to watch and calls for remedies to bring back the plumpness in cheeks. Here are some quick solutions on how to get chubby cheeks naturally.

1. Rose Water-Glycerine


Glycerine is the best ingredient to getting tight and wrinkle-free skin. And Rose water is a great skin cleansing agent.

When you combine the two of them and apply it on your skin, it causes increased fat production thus giving you chubby and cute cheeks. This also nourishes the cheeks and gives you an instant face lift, thereby making your cheeks look fuller.

2. Olive Oil



Tell us one person who doesn’t know the health, beauty and nutritional benefits of olive oil. Not only is the oil good for skin, it is also best for cooking Indian and western meals.

Talking of health, olive oil help retain chubby cheeks. In order to do that, consume 1 tbsp olive oil daily. It will help producing skin fats and give you fuller and chubby cheeks within 15 days.

3. Milk



Lean and skinny people are those who don’t get adequate quantities of milk to drink daily. Milk is the best and a complete diet for people of all age group. Since it has vitamins, minerals and proteins, it helps fulfil the daily dietary needs. So, in order to get chubby cheeks, drink 1 glass of milk in the morning and at night over a period of 3 months.

Like you can see, even consuming food for chubby cheeks will do the needful.

4. Apple Paste
applepaste-for-chubby-cheeksApple is a multi-talented fruit for you. Apart from eating the fruit in raw form, you can start taking apple paste to get cute, healthy and chubby cheeks.

Apple is endowed with nutrients and vitamins that make healthy skin and cheeks possible.

You can make this chubby cheek wonder at home by mashing a raw apple and applying it all over the cheeks. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with water. Apple paste also has collagen and elastin skin proteins that help in giving you fresh-looking cheeks.

5 Butter-Sugar Paste



If you wish to have chubby cheeks without the use of chemicals or cosmetics, then try out butter sugar paste. This paste has both the ingredients in equal quantity.

To get chubby cheeks, apply the paste on your cheeks for 10-15 minutes. Now follow it up by washing with water to get the desired results.

6 Facial Yoga

Yoga is a form of Ayurveda that is not only ideal in making the body supple and lift sagging skin but also get chubby cheeks. Facial yoga helps produce collagen and elastin that make your skin firm and plump up.

Follow the diagram shown below and complete your facial yoga routine few times a day. You can also do cheek presses and cheek lifts in order to tone up your cheek muscles.


Sometimes recalling one’s childhood helps. Blowing balloons can help you work out your cheek muscles in an amazing way. When you blow air into a balloon, it puffs up your cheeks helping build up the muscles to add some beef to your cheeks. Do balloon-blowing 5 to 6 times a day to get best results.

So, now we have shared with you some tricks on how to get chubby cheeks naturally. Now, start doing these chubby-lifting techniques at home and get prepared to win attention.


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