Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

By | February 27, 2016



Of all the changing diet fads, magical slimming drinks and amazingly low-calorie foods to hit the market, Green tea has emerged as the wonder drink. It has become the favorite beverage of weight-watchers and calorie conscious people. But did you know that there are numerous green tea benefits for your skin and hair?

If you thought the Benefits of Green Tea was only for weight loss, wait till you finish reading all the 10 points in this article that we have for you.

  • For a youthful look: Free radicals are formed on the exposure of skin to UV rays from the sun and cause premature aging. Filled with the goodness of antioxidants, green tea benefits in fighting against free radicals and helps you maintain the youthful look.
  • Getting rid of tan: Troubled with a bad sun tan or reeling from the horrible effects of sunburn? Green Tea will help the skin to be protected and prevent sun tan/ sunburn. Apply it locally and feel the difference. You can also freeze used green tea bags and sooth sun burns.
  • Fights cancer: The antioxidants in green tea work wonders and fight skin cancer by blocking the effect of cancer causing enzyme.
  • Fighting premature aging: Anti-aging creams and face masks can now take a backseat because Green tea is here to stay! It contains a natural component responsible for the cell renewal process and prevents premature aging! Green Tea when consumed everyday helps rejuvinate the skin. Green tea for skin has been tried and tested and hence concluded.
  • Acting as coolant: Green tea benefits the skin by acting like a coolant for skin. Green Tea is known to have positive effect on skin problems like psoriasis and rosacea too.
  • Curing skin problems: Green tea benefits the skin by curing pimples and acne because of its anti-bacterial elements known as catechins. When Green tea is used as drink or mask, overall health of skin is considerably improved and works towards giving you a flawless complexion.
  • Quick Facial: The benefits of green tea are endless. You can get a super quick, effective facial by running a green tea bag in hot water and make it steamy enough. Squeeze out water and then rub the green tea bag on your face for couple of minutes till the time the tea bag cools down and loses its steam. This is a quick and most effective way to use green tea for skin.
  • Special Facial Cleanser: Prepare a special facial cleanser with the goodness of green tea and your daily facial cleanser. Dip a green tea bag in boiling hot water, then cut it open and pour its contents into a bowl. Add a creamy facial cleanser to it and mix both the components together. The mixture obtained should be thick in consistency with creamy whiteness and speck of green (from the green tea) in it. Apply this on your face, leave it on for 5 mins and then wash it off!
  • Green tea Steam Facial: Try out this super steamy and effective green tea facial – Boil a large vessel of water and mix it with contents of a green tea bag. Now cover your head with a bed sheet or towel and place your face close enough to the bowl. Make sure that the proximity is enough for feeling the hot steam on your face. Do this for five minutes and feel the difference!

Hope these wonder benefits of green tea help you look young, beautiful and radiant. Green tea benefits the skin leaving it flawless and giving you a beautiful complexion!



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